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What if an eBook is unavailable?

If there are no copies available in the first link, go to the next link on the list. Books may be available in up to 4 vendors. If no copies are available in any vendor, email Digital Reference.

Can I copy text or print pages?

Many eBooks do not allow copying or printing. All OverDrive and Controlled Digital Lending eBooks do not allow copying and printing. In EBSCO and ProQuest it varies by book. Some others do allow limited copying or printing. The main page of the eBook lists the number of pages you can copy or print.

Can I highlight and take notes?

When you download a book to the Libby App (OverDrive), a Kindle, or Adobe Digital Editions you can highlight, bookmark, and take notes. They will reappear when you borrow the book again.

What if the View eBook link takes me to a page that asks me to purchase?

Look at the URL. If it includes DTL click on the original link in the library catalog again. If you still do not have access email Digital Reference with the bibliographic information and the database link.

What if the eBook asks for my institution?

If you have already logged into the DTL, Digital Theological Library, and the eBook provider asks for your institution, click on the original link in the library catalog again. It will normally work the second time. If not, you can email Digital Reference.

What if the book will not load after I have logged in?

Make sure you have enabled cookies in your browser settings.


Copying citations from eBook databases

Most eBook databases provide sample citation formats. If you choose to copy the format keep these points in mind.

  1. You are responsible for editing citations you copy to comply with the samples provided in your syllabus or in the Writing Center resources.
  2. The Seminary uses APA 7th Edition for counseling coursework.
  3. The Seminary uses Turabian 9th Edition notes-bibliography style for all other courses.
  4. Some eBook vendors do not list Turabian, however, Turabian 9th Edition is based on Chicago 17th Edition.
    • In Search All Resources it is listed as Turabian (notes - bibliography) 9th ed.
    • In EBSCO it is listed as Chicago 17th Edition (Notes & Bibliography)
    • In ProQuest it is listed as Chicago/Turabian Notes-Bibliography