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Denver Journal Old Testament Exegesis Bibliography: Denver Journal Annotated Old Testament Bibliography

Denver Journal Old Testament Exegesis Bibliography

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Prepared by and Copyright © January 2023 by Hélène Dallaire, Knut Heim, and Richard S. Hess within the Old Testament Department of Denver Seminary.

Latest revision on January 3, 2024.

For the most part, this list considers English language studies and exegetical commentaries that have appeared within the last forty years, and especially within the past quarter century. However, there is much of value that predates this period. For one of the most useful and wide ranging bibliographies of earlier works, see:

“Premodern Readings,” for each book of the Old Testament in Richard S. Hess, The Old Testament: A Historical, Theological, and Critical Introduction. Baker, 2016.

Our hope is that the following list will continue to prove useful by regular updating. An older form of this annotated bibliography can be found in R. S. Hess and G. J. Wenham, eds., Make the Old Testament Live: From Curriculum to Classroom. Eerdmans, 1998, pp. 191-218. The volume itself is a unique collection of essays on teaching the Old Testament from a variety of perspectives. A special note of appreciation is due to Robert Hubbard and the late Robert Alden, whose earlier bibliography formed the basis for what follows.  M. Daniel Carroll R. also made significant contributions during his years at Denver Seminary.

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