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Denver Journal New Testament Exegesis Bibliography: Denver Journal New Testament Exegesis Resources


Denver Journal New Testament Exegesis Bibliography

Prepared by and Copyright © January 2023 by Craig L. Blomberg, David L. Mathewson and Joseph R. Dodson of the New Testament Department of Denver Seminary

Some items are marked TOP PRIORITY for acquisition and/or use. Others would be good to have if and when finances allow and well worth consulting even now. (All are selected as excellent out of a much larger list that could have been compiled.)  Selections are consciously weighted in favor of evangelical scholarship, but excellent works from other perspectives are included.

The lists of top commentaries for each N.T. book are divided into three sections: the first contains those we consider the best detailed, critical commentaries using the Greek text; the second lists more mid-level works using the English text (but still with references to the Greek); and the third consists of commentaries that are briefer and/or have a special focus on exposition or application. At least one priority title is marked for each level.

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