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Approved Resources for Theology Synopses: Synopses Requirements

Requirements for Sources Used in Synopses

This list is prepared for students in TH 501 and TH 502 Survey of Christian Doctrine I and II.

Synopses Requirements

The synopses assignment requires three systematic theology texts.

  • At least one source must be from the Recent Evangelical Sources tab.
  • You must use Green, Pardue, and Yeo's Majority World Theology for the synopsis on the Trinity and for any synopses on God the Son or God the Holy Spirit. For the remaining synopses, you must supplement Majority World Theology with another source from the Globalizing Sources tab.
  • For your third source, you may use either a source from either Recent Evangelical Sources or Globalizing Sources. Or you may use another source that represents a perspective in which you are interested. If that perspective is not on the list, you need the professor's approval.