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Counseling and Psychology

Research Guide

Why and What to Cite

Why Cite Your Sources?
  • To show readers that you have done your research
  • To give credit to others for the work they have done
  • To provide readers the ability to check your sources if there are questions
  • To point the way for others to build on your work
What Should You Cite?
  • Anything that has been created by someone other than you that is in a fixed format, including books, articles, newspapers, photographs, music, movies, software, and things you find on the internet, including restatement of ideas and direct quotes
  • Your own work previously published or submitted for course work -- check with your professor before reusing your work

What to Include in Your Citation

What Is Included in a Citation?
  • In the body include the source of the idea or quotation using the style formatting for one of the following
    • Turabian full-note 9th edition
    • Chicago Manual of Style full-note 17th edition
    • APA 7th edition
    • SBL Handbook of Style 2nd edition
  • After the body include Bibliography or Works Cited pages that reference all of the works cited in the body

Free Zotero Software can help you organize and cite your resources

Zotero Videos

Introducing Zotero video2 min. 14 sec.